Keynote Presentations

Jim Mosher is a popular speaker at both large and small events, noted for his informative, passionate, and inspiring presentations.  He is adept at combining a keynote speech that provides the audience with an overview of the subject matter with follow up workshops, providing more detailed attention to specific topic areas.

Workshops & Trainings

A skilled trainer and workshop presenter, Mosher is known for his interactive curricula which focus on active learning and engaging formats. Materials and agendas are tailored to the specific needs of participants and can be relatively short (in one day or less) or conducted over a two-to-five-day period. Follow-up trainings combined with technical assistance are his specialty. This format encourages participants to implement plans developed in the opening training and then to debrief and discuss experiences in the field when the group reconvenes.

Policy Analysis

Jim Mosher’s policy reports provide important insights, assessments, and recommendations regarding alcohol policy initiatives. They are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the client and can include PowerPoint presentations, videos, or be in a more formal scholarly format. Clients include governmental agencies, academia, national and state associations, and private organizations.

Media & Policy Advocacy

An accomplished policy advocate, Jim Mosher specializes in assisting national, state and local coalitions and organizations to achieve their policy goals. Media advocacy is a critical element in his advocacy training and consultation.

Expert Witness & Legal Consultations

Jim Mosher specializes in the role of alcohol litigation in the prevention of alcohol problems. He is available as a consultant and expert witness in alcohol litigation cases, including dram shop liability and cases involving state and local powers to regulate the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages.


Jim Mosher is available for consultation for both governmental and non-governmental organizations on either a short or long-term basis. Consulting can be combined with any of the services listed above.