James F. Mosher, JD: Alcohol Policy Specialist

James Mosher's pioneering work in alcohol policy has brought him international acclaim. His expertise spans numerous topics, including underage drinking prevention, alcohol marketing, community prevention strategies, alcohol law, dram shop liability, and social host liability. His services include consulting, keynote presentations, workshops and trainings, policy analysis, and advocacy in media and policy. He has also served as an expert witness and consultant in alcohol litigation cases.

The Lee Law Project 2012-2013

Alcohol Policy Consultations and Friday Night Live of Santa Cruz are working together to implement the Lee Law project, a youth advocacy initiative.  The Lee Law requires liquor stores and other off-sale alcohol retailers to limit the amount of advertising on their windows to 33% and to ensure an unobstructed view of the inside of the store for law enforcement purposes.

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CADCA Mid Year Training Institute 2012

Jim Mosher conducted two seminars (on commercial host liability and the state preemption doctrine) at CADCA’s 11th Mid-Year Training Institute, Nashville, TN, July 22-26, 2012.  Workshop materials on commercial host liability will be available on-line in the near future.  Click here for the workshop materials on state preemption.

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Jim Mosher spoke at The National Electronic Seminar: Alcohol Trends and Research Updates. "Joe Camel in a Bottle: Diageo, the Smirnoff Brand"

The seminar documented the dramatic shift in beverage preference of America's youth from beer to distilled spirits during the last decade and examined the role of distilled spirits marketing in challenging beer's dominance of the youth market. Mr. Mosher discussed this case study and its implications for underage drinking prevention policy.  

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CDC’s Grand Rounds Program Focuses on Alcohol Policy

Alcohol Policy Consultation’s Jim Mosher participated in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Grand Rounds in a program on March 20, 2012, entitled Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use: What Public Health Can Do.  Other presenters were CDC’s Bob Brewer, David Jernigan (Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth), and Jim Roeber, (New Mexico Department of Health).  Mosher’s presentation was entitled: Understanding Alcohol Regulation in the United States.   

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New Study Documents Joe Camel-like Tactics to Transform Youth Drinking Behavior

Jim Mosher's case study, "Joe Camel in a Bottle: Diageo, the Smirnoff Brand, and the Transformation of the Youth Alcohol Market" is published in, the Janurary 2012 edition of American Journal of Publice Health. 

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New Keynote Presentation: Alcohol Policy and Social Change

Mosher’s most recent keynote presentation that link alcohol policy developments to the broader economic and political trends we are facing today:

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New Legal Study Documents the Dismantling of the 21st Amendment

Elyse Grossman and Jim Mosher recently co-authored a law review article that analyzes the U.S. Supreme Court’s evolving interpretation of the 21st Amendment and its implications for public health. 

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State Preemption Legal Analyses

Alcohol Policy Consultations has completed a series of State legal analyses on the State Preemption as it applies to regulation of retail alcohol outlet density.  States included are: California, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, and Wisconsin.  The analyses serve as the foundation for a manuscript submitted for publication assessment of the preemption doctrine as it applies across the 50-states.

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